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Fernanda Bienhachewski

"Every artwork is sacred. It's an expression of the divine..."
Such is the credo of Fernanda Bienhachewski, a rising contemporary painter from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Hailing from a family of Brazilian writers, she initially studied literature before deciding to tell her own stories with a paintbrush. Through watercolors, gouache and the Ebru (or paper marbling) technique, she guides the viewer along so many fantastic journeys. It's the diversity of these magnificent voyages which makes her work so remarkable - transcendental surrealism in one vision, the stunning natural beauty of Brazil in another, the sleek, suave lines of neo-Art Deco in the next - each executed with a surgeon's hand, but an artist's heart.

She has travelled the world extensively in the pursuit of honing her craft and widening her experience. From the cobble-stoned streets of Istanbul to the jungle climates of eastern Asia, every new adventure has broadened her horizon and augmented her vast ability to depict the divine.

Original paintings by Fernanda Bienhachewski are proudly represented by Maxim Guidry Contemporary Art Dealers.

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